MITA at Fort Dix
On Tuesday June 27th 2006, MITA was honored to be invited to perform for Charlie Company at New Jersey's Fort Dix.  Below is an article from the base's newspaper about the event.
Note: MITA returned to Fort Dix on Wednesday November 15th, 2006!
”Charlie Company left in stitches"
by Wayne Cook
Fort Dix Public Affairs Staff
Members of Charlie Company were left in stitches June 27 after being entertained for two hours by a group of comedians from New York City during another dinner theater hosted by the units morale non-commissioned officer, Staff Sgt. Melody Garcia.
Yes, real comedians performing real comedy. The group, Monkeys in the Atrium (MITA), performs at the Gotham Comedy Club and the National Comedy Theatre, both in the Big Apple. It was at one of these shows that Garcia watched these outrageous performers and then asked them to come and put on a show for the great men and women of Charlie Company.
“It’s nice to be able to let the Soldiers know there are people out in the public that care about what they are doing for our country. It is not about policy or politics; it is about these men and women here. We are really honored to be able to come and entertain them,” said Grace Randolph, founder and leader of the group.
And entertain them they did. Putting on a display of Improv comedy and sketches left the room continuously filled with spirited laughter. They even included members of the audience in a couple of the sketches and kept them involved in the entire show.
“The audience makes the show. If they are involved and enjoying what we do then we have been a success. These guys have been a really good audience. It has been great being here,” said Kelleigh Miller, entertainer.
Garcia once again went above and beyond, preparing a wonderful meal for all in attendance and playing host to all the troops making sure that glasses remained full of soda and all needs were met. She just wanted everyone to really enjoy themselves and by the audience’s reactions she succeeded.
MITA has been around for just over a year and boasts nine members with varying levels of education and experience; some have even done some acting on television and in independent films. Miller traveled the world for a period of time entertaining aboard cruise liners. The group celebrated their first anniversary by performing at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, Ca.
One trait ran through each of the entertainer’s hearts and minds as they performed for the Soldiers. It was the awe and honor that they had for every Soldier in the room.
“I’m pretty much speechless being here. We have nothing but respect for these Soldiers who are going out there doing things that I can’t do, protecting us,” said Rob Yang, one of the original members of  MITA.
Other members of the group that performed were Brian Allard and Patrick McColley.
The evening wound down and the Soldiers moved off to go about their business. These Soldiers, who had seen and experienced some pretty grim things in the past and are concerned for their personal futures, got to take a night off from heavy thinking and relax. They were given a precious gift; they were made to laugh.
Anyone interested in more information about the Monkeys in the Atrium can look them up at