Improv Comedy Clips
Our improv clips are sorted by type:
...MITA must start each sentence with consecutive letters of the alphabet.  If they mess up or take too long, they're out! MITA member has a split personality - like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!  When the bell rings, they switch back and forth between the two!
...two MITA members enact a scene but most go backwards or forwards through the scene when the bell rings.  Can they remember everything they did? truly a bizarre game where one MITA member serves as another MITA member's hands.  Naturally, they're "crazy" hands... you've never seen it before!  Each contestant has a quirk and our bachelor has to guess what those quirks are!
...see a scene movie filmed right before your eyes!  But every time the director shoots the scene again, it gets weirder and crazier!
...a documentary is created on the spot!  See the strange documentaries you wish they made! the everyman's Olympics!  Forget skiing and the marathon, here we have two MITA members competing in everyday activities! like Mad Libs live on stage.  Whenever a MITA member holds out their hand, the audience has to fill in the blank!
...features four MITA members, each assigned a quirk.  They then rotate once all the way around each way, weaving a tapestry of hilarity!  But can they weave a story? where a female and male MITA member switch genders and roles whenever the bell rings - a total play on the stereotypes we love and hate! a movie kaleidoscope!  Two MITA members act out a scene switching genres every few moments, genres unknown to them and chosen by the audience!
...two MITA members flirt with each other using euphemisms - every line ends with "if you know what I mean" - for some wicked fun!
...finds one MITA member accused of murder while two other MITA members have to get him or her to "confess" to the crime through clues! where two MITA members periodically read lines written by the audience as they act out a scene.  Can they get through unfazed?!
...finds two MITA members with one mind and one voice, meaning they can only speak at the exact same time.  It's a verbal tug of war as to exactly what they'll say!  Followed by an “expansion” scene made up on the spot... us butcher some of the theater's greatest when MITA member can only read lines from a well-known play while the other must react as if it's part of the scene! where two audience members come on stage and use MITA members as action figures!  The MITA members cannot move themselves at all! the ultimate fork - or should we say forks - in the road scene!  When the bell rings, the MITA member talking has to replace what they just said with another choice! like "Take That Back" only this time we're messing with your favorite fairytales, resulting in some very updated & twisted fairytales! like "Choose Your Own Adventure" where two MITA members are periodically frozen while the audience is asked "What Happens Next?"
...tests how well one MITA member knows their pop culture and history!  A MITA member enters and needs the other member to help them figure out who they are!